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Brick Arms 2. 5 Scale Weapon Maaws W/rgb Shells Black

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Brick Arms 2 5 Scale Weapon Maaws Wrgb


Brick Arms 2. 5 Scale is a must own Lego figure part, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Turn a single soldier into a mobile artillery unit with all of the Brick Arms Multipurpose Antiarmor Antitank Weapon Program (MAAWS )! Popular with special ops forces, the Brick Arms MAAWS is lightweight and portable enough to be held by a fig but packs a robust enough punch to smash through even the thickest of enemy armor thanks to the specialized artillery ammunition it fires. The Brick Arms MAAWS includes Launch Tube Venturi Exhaust 3 Loadable Shell Casings Red HEAT Warhead Blue HEDP Warhead Green KINETIC Warhead Arm a Brick Arms Artillery Shell with the warhead thats best for the job, load it into the Brick Arms MAAWS, and watch your figs enemies run for cover!


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