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Swat Team (point Man) Minifigure Gear Pack, Black

Swat Team4 Star Rating
Swat Team
Making Has Not Been More Pleasurable With The Swat Team

I in fact loved that the product has the feature of all pieces a highly detailed and made of abs plastic. Other features include minifigure not included and includes all 9 pieces shown. The UPC (Universal Product Code) for this Lego part is 852660705326. Awesome deal on Swat Team , select the weblink below.

swat team point minifigure gear pack

UPC: 852660705326

Product Description

The SWAT Point-Man Set includes: 1. N5-P1 (SWAT) Tactical Belt (G8) 5. Gas Mask (S10sr) 6. Stun Grenade (M84) 9. P99 7. Night Vision (SD-21) 3. MP10 8. Tactical Vest (M08) 4. Helmet (M2002) 2.


  • Includes all 9 pieces shown
  • All pieces a highly detailed and made of ABS plastic
  • Minifigure not included

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