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U. S. Navy Seal (black Balaclava) - Mini Bigs Custom Minifigure

U. S. Navy Seal4 Star Rating
U S Navy Seal U S Navy Seal black Balaclava Mini Bigs Custom Minifigure Image 1U S Navy Seal black Balaclava Mini Bigs Custom Minifigure Image 2
Constructing With The U. S. Navy Seal

One of the key features for this extra part is the balaclava design is printed directly onto the head. Additional features include printed and assembled in the usa and includes all 7 pieces shown. Cheapest price U. S. Navy Seal . Should you need a good deal for this extra part, visit our store add to shopping cart button below.

navy seal black balaclava mini bigs

Brand: miniBIGS

Product Description

Our U. S. Navy Seal with Balaclava Head is custom printed and only available by means of mini BIGS. The Head, Torso Assembly and Leg Assembly are all LEGO Brand. cat. It consists of a total of 7 LEGO Compatible Minifigure pieces. The Minifig also consists of a B12 Tactical Vest, Knife, UMP 45 and Grenade by Minifig. * LEGO ® is really a trademark of the LEGO ® Group of organizations which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this item.


  • Includes all 7 pieces shown
  • Also available in Gray, White and Tan
  • Balaclava design is printed directly onto the head
  • Knife fits snugly in the back of the B12 Tactical Vest
  • Printed and assembled in the USA

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